Close Up Magic


Marvel Entertainments can now provide the very best magical entertainment for your family or corporate event.  We have a team of close up or table magicians that will amaze and impress your guests or colleagues!

Best of all, your guests really will be entertained! With 30 years' experience we know that the true success of any event is down to the enjoyment of the guests and not to the prowess of the magician.  Having said that... prepare to be amazed!

Whether the occasion is a small family gathering at home or in a venue, or a larger occasion such as a wedding or christening, Marvel Entertainments will magic and wow your audience, leaving them with a smile on their faces and a never ending chorus of "How did he do that?”.

And for corporate events we know when to blend into the background and when to be more prominent. We will, of course, be completely reliable, punctual and professional.
To discuss your needs for either corporate or family events please fill out the enquiry form or call us.

We know we are not the most important part of your event but we certainly know how to enhance it!

  • Professional from start to finish

  • Sensitive and friendly

  • Interactive and fun

  • The most amazing magic

  • Memorable